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Choosing a Color for your Front Door part one: Bold Hues


Most of us would like our homes to appear respectable- even those of us with bold tastes.  One place we can get away with a lot of color personality is our front door.  This small area can proclaim your affinity for bold hues or for understated elegance.  Today, let's take a tour of bright and bold front doors with their approximate corresponding paint color....

But, you say, any door color would look great on that old world exterior- but how would it look on the basic door from the local home center?? Below, you can see that the sherbet orange transfers happily to a stock door.The fabulous rug lends some oomph and helps ground the bright color.


How about one of my favorite of-the-moment colors- coral!  I think this door, below, melds this happy shade beautifully on the chateau style exterior. The black shutters ground the pallet into a pleasant combination of on trend and timeless.

Who can resist a sunny yellow door? The emerald accents take this plain gray and white color scheme into the realm of playfully welcoming.  This is a great example of how a few minor and economical touches can add that wow factor a lot of us yearn to impart on our homes.  If you feel like your house has the blahs, you could create this beckoning vignette in a day or two for relatively little expense.


This combo below is a little outrageous, no?  But wouldn't you be just a little tempted to smile at the bravery of choosing fuchsia and chartreuse? Without these happy colors, this pale gray home could go quietly unnoticed. Instead we are left to wonder about the audacious spirit who lives here...


Another chartreuse door... showing that it works equally well on a spare, modern exterior.  Imagine how welcoming a pot of flowers would look below that sidelight...

This cottage door, below, oozes charm in turquoise... Even though this color is saturating the market in all forms, it looks sweet and classic on this home.

Oh, the beauty of Tiffany blue- this door is perfection! Of course, this grand exterior would look gorgeous with almost any color- but I love how this blue adds an element of fun to what could be a very imposing exterior.  If you pictured this door in black, it would have an elegant yet serious and somber appearance. Don't you prefer the more approachable statement Tiffany blue makes?

As you probably noticed in these examples, what makes the above doors really work on the home exteriors is the subtle, neutral color on the main body. If the body is a strong color, you have to be very careful about your door color so you don't veer from tasteful to tacky. A "pop of color" is so much more pleasing than a "barrage of color". When your home is a neutral color, you can have a lot more fun with bright, clean colors on the door.  With this in mind, and after gazing at these cheery doors I am tempted to choose a neutral for my home the next go-round, expressly so I can paint the door every time I develop a new color crush.

Contact me if you would like help picking the perfect door color to welcome you home every day.