Choosing your exterior house color is one of the most public decisions you will make.  Most of us want to feel like our house "fits in" yet "stands out" in just the right way.  The goal of ColorMoxie NW is that you smile every time you arrive home. 

When I conduct and exterior consultation, I take in all the factors playing into the selection.  It is important to consider the style of the house, the feel of the neighborhood, the colors of homes next door and any stone or brick incorporated into the materials. 

Next, we discuss your taste preferences and begin viewing large color boards next to the house, working through colors until we arrive at the perfect combination.  We will discuss which features to draw out or minimize aspects of your home through color placement.  We will also go over architectural details, such as which color is best for a porch ceiling, garage doors, gutters and downspouts. 

At the conclusion of our consultation, you will have a folder that includes detailed specifications for colors, placement and sheens as well as large color swatches of our selections.

Now all the stress of the decision and trips to get paint chips is eliminated and you can eagerly anticipate the transformation of your home!